Enjoy Your Menopause!

June 17, 2008

Menopause & Fatigue

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Menopause is associated with numerous symptoms—one being fatigue. But there can be other factors resulting in your lack of energy:

Stress and anxiety. Overbooked? Reassess your schedule and determine what can go. Take time to relax every day.

Inactivity. Your body needs exercise to feel good. Try to get 30 minutes or more of moderate activity at least five days a week.

Eating habits. Food is your body’s energy source. Eat a good breakfast and refuel every three to four hours. Skip the high-fat, high-sugar items; they’ll just make you feel sluggish later.

Certain medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medication could be causing your fatigue. Has your fatigue lasted longer than two weeks despite adequate sleep, and does it limit your activity or enjoyment? If so, discuss it with your doctor.

Medical causes of fatigue include:

Depression. If your fatigue includes a lack of pleasure in activities, sadness, change in appetite or interrupted sleep, you may be depressed.

Diabetes. Extreme fatigue can be a warning sign of diabetes. Thyroid problems. Too little thyroid hormone can make you tired.

Anemia. A low red blood count from, for example, iron deficiency can cause fatigue.

Sleep apnea. This may be the cause of your fatigue if you snore loudly and awaken gasping for air.

Restless legs syndrome. With restless legs syndrome, your legs twitch and tingle, making it difficult to sleep.

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  1. Also mention the old fashion insomnia with menopause. Falling asleep but then waking up after 2-3 hours. That can get to you!

    Comment by Haralee — June 17, 2008 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

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